I feel so alone. I feel like no one understands me. I feel so unsupported.


Therapist Answer and Transcription

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Hi, it’s Jenna. Thank you for submitting this question.

I hear this incredibly painful cry of your heart that you feel like you are all alone in this extraordinary painful grief and loss process. What I want to tell you, from the bottom of my heart, is that you are not alone. You are in such companionship with so many people who are walking through grief and loss, especially at this season.

I also want to let you know is that grief is unique to every individual going through it. Every person will experience their grief differently. Your grief may look different than someone else’s grief, who is grieving the exact same type of loss that you are and that’s okay. Your process is unique to you and your feelings matter. This is why it can be so important and valuable to connect with a community of support. Even if it’s people that you didn’t know before your loss.

Being a part of a grief and loss group can be very valuable because many people who haven’t gone through a loss don’t know really how to talk to us or open these kinds of conversations. It can be very helpful to connect with a therapist because just having that safe place to go once a week and know that we can give voice to the pain in our hearts and have someone else journey through the process with us can be extremely valuable.

Or we can find one other safe person in our existing community of support and really ask them to be there for us. Ask them to show up in the way that is going to feel the best for us, whether that’s coming by for an occasional cup of tea, or calling on the phone once a week. Just to check in. We can let them know what would feel helpful and asked if they might be willing to do that. It’s so important to not walk this grief process alone because it can feel very overwhelming. I just want you to know that that feeling of aloneness is not uncommon. There are others out there who can and want to surround you and support you with love and care.

We are here for you and I hope that this website offers you some of that love and care. Thank you for reaching out.

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